Project Demo Reel


“I started working with Chase when I joined Turn 10 at Microsoft in July 2010, where he was already on board. It was a real pleasure to work with such a talented Sound Designer, he understood exactly what it was we were looking for and quickly created and implemented quality content that will be prominently featured in our next title.
Chase would be my first call if I was looking to hire a Sound Designer in the future and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with him again.”
Nick Wiswell, Creative Audio Director, Microsoft Game Studios

“Chase is a top-notch sound designer with high-level creative skills that would be at home working on many different types of games. I would not hesitate to use Chase again for any project that needed dependable, creative sound design!” 
Mike Caviezel, Audio Director, Car Audio Lead/Sound Designer, Microsoft Game Studios

“Chase started at OMNI Audio as a Junior Sound Designer and fast became a key part of our team, maturing to a Lead Audio position. He takes direction well, is very reliable and has worked hard over the years to improve his craft, which shows in his work.”
Alistair Hirst, General Manager & Audio Director, OMNI Audio